This is what my life looks like. Do not promote self harm or eating disorder.
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Anonymous asked: One day... One day you will look back to your past and be proud of yourself! Because you made it! You became the Person you want to be! Your bad days are stories of wars you won. I made it! So you can do it too. Don't kill yourself. You are worth it..❤️


One day, I will thank you guys for every words, every message, every follow, everything.

I love you.❤️

Anonymous asked: Don't do it. Please.


All i can read is do it, please

cadence91 asked: Thank you for following back, I know you don't know me and I know I don't understand your situation but I know hopelessness...you're awesome thanks for sharing stone of yourself.


Thank you for those beautiful words, i share my life with you guys so everyone can see how much painful is struggling with depression, self harm and ed’s.

Thank you for ur appreciation

lydiaxrose asked: Im great thankyou, i just wanted to let you know if you ever need to talk, i'm here :)


Thank you so much <4

whenbutterflieskillthemselves asked: Hey, I just want you to know what you're going through is real and you are a strong person no matter what anyone says. I think you're great <3


Hey, nice to meet you and thank for your support.

Thanks for following me:)

I’m (not) alive.

vertically-or-horizontally asked: Hellou?:c


Hey :)

Ti cerco dappertutto, nelle citazioni dei libri, nelle nostre canzoni, nei nomi delle vie, nelle lettere del tappo delle lattine di cocacola, nelle stelle, nei film, nei messaggi su WhatsApp che non ho il coraggio di inviarti, ma non ti trovo mai.

Good news!

Tomorrow i’ll start the “modified-fast-diet” with protifar, a drink that has 29 kcal. It’s made of proteins which is good for my body.
Feel free to ask me anything and i’ll tell you if it really work!

ps: you don’t have to eat anything else or you’ll mess up the diet! The only thing that you can eat is protifar.

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