This is what my life looks like. Do not promote self harm or eating disorder.
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Good news!

Tomorrow i’ll start the “modified-fast-diet” with protifar, a drink that has 29 kcal. It’s made of proteins which is good for my body.
Feel free to ask me anything and i’ll tell you if it really work!

ps: you don’t have to eat anything else or you’ll mess up the diet! The only thing that you can eat is protifar.

MikelWj - Please don’t cut

Your arms are scarred so you think you’re unlovable, but honestly I just want you to feel comfortable.

One month clean.
I’m trying to stay strong but it’s so hard sometimes. 

diary-of-a-survivor88 asked: Im always here if you ever need to talk to someone. No matter what your struggles or worries, I am always here x


Thank you a lot!

You can count on me too. xx :)

frysian asked: Maybe you don't know me, but i think you're a strong and intelligent person. You're blog is your sort of dairy, and i call you strong because you've got the balls to be honest and open like this :) i am there for you For talking texting calling ♥


Well, thank you a lot :)
I’m glad that i’m on tumblr every time i see a person like you. You’re such a lovely person.

Have a good day♥ xx

Another sleepless night.
I’m so tired of this shit

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